Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (2023)

The direct translation of "a kiss"in English is"onekiss.“Let's go through the most common ones and how to use them, including closing the end of a letter or message with "kisses".

different ways to saykissIn French

Do you know how many ways there are to say the word?kissin English?

A lot of!

Have you heard about it?

Kissing, kissing, kissing, hitting, face sucking, swap spitting, teasing, tonsil hockey, kissing, and of course everyone's favorite Frenchkiss.

Each of these words usually means the same thing, but they are not used in the same way. For example, you probably wouldn't say to someone you've just met, "Do you want to trade spit or play almond hockey," would you?

Given all these different expressionskissin English, it's not surprising that there are similar nuances when it comes to kissing in French.

Spoiler alert, you know french fries are not called french fries; they are called “les Frites”; a frenchkissit's not called frenchkissnor in France.

Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (1)

Ending and closing a letter, card or message with a “kiss”.

Before we dive into this list of words and phrases tokiss in french, it is important to know that it is very common to write "Kisses"in French at the end of letters, emails, cards and other correspondence with family, close friends and some co-workers.

Be careful; The two most commonly used "kiss" endings (bises and bisous) have varying degrees of intimacy.

  • Kisses: with friends or colleagues with whom you work closely. And relatives who aren't close to you, like a cousin or aunt you don't talk to often.
  • Kisses: for close friends and very close family members. Your parents, siblings, best friends, close friends, etc.

when usedincorrect, you might give someone the wrong idea. And if you don't use them for certain people, you might inadvertently make someone feel slighted.

And finally you never want to use itkisses (kisses or kisses)for formal or professional correspondence, such as with a bank teller. But in some cases it can be acceptable with colleagues.

If all this seems confusing, everything is explained below.

Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (2)


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1) A kiss: (akiss)

\Bee Zoo\a kiss (singular) kisses (plural)

Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (3)

Kissesit is akisswhere lips touch skin. That's a very tender way of saying it.kissin French.

  • give me somethingKisses:give me kisses
  • can i give you onekiss?: Can I kiss you?
  • I wantedkisstu: I wanted to give you a kiss.
  • I will gokisstu: I'll give you a kiss.

Bisous in letters, messages and correspondence

only useKissesto correspond with people with whom you have a close relationship.:

A lover, boyfriend or girlfriend, close friend, close family, brother, sister, parents and children, etc.

If that sounds too intimate for family or friends, don't worry; it's not taken romantically, it's very nuanced.

However, if you do not close a message withKissesWith someone you have a romantic relationship with, your husband, boyfriend or lover, you may feel slighted and may appear cold. Brrrr!

Here are some ways to end a letter with bisous:

  • much love(big kisses)
  • Sweet Kisses(soft kisses)
  • affectionate kisses(loving kisses)
  • Many kisses(many kisses)
  • A thousand Kisses(a thousand Kisses)

2) And Bise (onekiss)

\Longing\ a kiss (singular) kisses (plural)

AlthoughSeenmeansonekiss in french, usually referring to a cheekKiss,also known as "la bise". "Faire la bise" always means cheekkiss.

If you are not familiar with la bise; It's the French way of greeting someone and greeting or saying goodbye to friends and family with two, three, and sometimes four consecutive cheeks.Kisses.

I enrolledfull guide on la bise and how to greet french friends here🇧🇷 A topic that often confuses newcomers to France.

Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (4)

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Depending on how the word bise is used in a sentence, it can have a broader meaning than just onekiss.

For example, if someone says I'm going to give "la bise" it could idiomatically mean you're going to say hello.

Here are some examples of what I mean.

  • Shall we be bold?kiss?and a kiss?
  • I say hello:I will kiss you.
  • on onekissto Jean for me:Give Jean a big kiss from me.
  • Come and say hello to your aunt!:Come give your aunt a kiss!
  • I always hated kisses on the cheek.:I always hated kissing.

Bises in letters, messages and correspondence

"BISES" is friendly, not affectionate. It's familiar, but more formal than "Bisous", which is more intimate and tender.

Do you often say bises to family, friends or distant relatives that you know but are not closely associated with, such as

In short, use this to wrap up a message to anyone who would be too formal to say something like "Cordialement" but with whom Bisous is very intimate.

A good litmus test to use: bises or bisous:

  • If you were daringkisssomeone in real life but they are not around,one vice.
  • If you were daringkisssomeone in real life who is very close to you,use kisses.
  • If you weren't boldkissanyone in real life don't use any of them. You would end your letter with something more formal, like cordiality.

Here are some ways to end a letter with bisous:

  • Goodbye and kisses to all:Goodbye and kisses to all
  • Grandekiss:Big kiss
  • Big kisses:big kisses
  • Happy shopping and greetings to all:Goodbye and big kisses to everyone
  • A bigkissYou and a thousand thanks for everything you do for us:ONEbig kissYou and again a thousand thanks for everything you did for us

3) Embrace (tokiss)


Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (5)

Kissis a verb that meansforkiss, not howSeeneKissesthese are nouns and meanONEkissAnd kisses🇧🇷 The French verb embrasser can be said to be more formal or noble than bise and bisous, but not pretentious.

Danger! Embrasser does not mean hug.The French verb "embrasser" is a false French friend in English. Fake friends are words that sound the same or similar but mean something completely different. French false friends are often loanwords from the French language, but their usage in English has been distorted over the years. The French word for embrace or embrace is calin,(in arms) take in arms.

  • Do you wantkissmich?: You are going to kiss me?
  • I would like tokissYou!I want to kiss you!
  • my wife doesn't wantkissI'm not me anymore.My wife doesn't want to kiss me anymore.
  • If Ikissyou, I'm afraid of falling in love with you.:When I kiss you, I'm afraid of falling in love.
  • everyone loveskiss:everybody loveskiss!
  • they do notkisseach other no more:They don't kiss anymore

Embrasser for letters, messages and correspondence

In correspondence, use the French verb “embrasser” at the end of a letter, as you would bise, to friends and relatives with whom you are familiar but not closely related. Although embrasser sayskiss, when used at the end of a letter, is just a nice way to say goodbye.

  • I kiss you: (IkissYou)
  • I kiss you all (IkissAll you)
  • je t'embrasse chaleureusement (this is equivalent to "best regards", but the literal translation is "heartilykiss“)

4) Un Merengue: (Be careful when saying thiskiss)


Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (6)

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Be careful when usingkissbecause it has two different meanings in French.

If you use it as a verb, it's a dirty French phrase!


"Kiss"=" f#@ck."

  • Can I fuck you?:I can youKiss?

If you use it as a noun, it's harmless.Kiss is the one you should use the same way you would use bisus or bises.


"a kiss" =a kiss.

  • can i give you onekiss?:i can give you onekiss?

Here others are ashamedMistakes to avoid in French.

Other Uses for Meringue


kiss his hand:

to blowkiss:

Send a kiss-

5) Un Bécot: (A hickey or a kiss)

Bécoter: embrace (verb)

  • enter grandmakiss: kissfor grandma
  • Did you see how the lovers kissed on the public bench?:you havevctuLovercomkissaeBancoAdvertising
  • Why did you leave without giving me a kiss? Why did you leave without kissing me?

6) Un Bec: (A kiss orkiss-French Quebec)

Julie gave him a bigkiss: Julia is adicea bigwhy.


    Bisous: 👄The many ways to say kiss me in French and french kiss! (7)

    In English, it's easy to French kiss someone because there's a word for it which is both a noun and a verb;FrenchKiss.

    (Video) French kiss 🔥 #bestkissingstatus #frenchkiss #shorts #trendingshorts

    • Verb: I French kissed him
    • Noun: I gave him a Frenchkiss

    Irony has been around for centuries; There wasn't a single word in the French language for the act of French kissing.

    You had to say something really crazy like:

    • Make a deep tongue kiss
    • Kiss deeply with your tongue.

    It's a sip, so there's a lot of slang for Frenchkissand french kissing just to avoid such long sentences.

    7) Frencher or se Frencher (a Frenchkiss– French Quebec)

    I've never heard anyone say that in France, but it's the term used in Quebec.

    8) Un patin (a Frenchkiss)

    we suffer:"roll an ice skate"

    9) A shovel(a frenchkiss)

    kiss:"roll a shovel"

    10) Fogo do Sono(a frenchkiss)

    roll a toothpick

    11) A galoche (a Frenchkiss)

    wrap a galosh

    12) Galocher (in Frenchkiss)

    As of 2014, there is no officially recognized French verb for the act of French kissing. People had to use slang and phrases like the ones I listed above, or really long descriptive phrases.

    Em 2014 "galocher' was officially recognized and included in the French dictionary Le Petit Robert.

    I want frenchkissFrançois = I feel like I'm galloping François

    How to Conjugate Galocher: In Frenchkiss

    • je galoche: I'm Frenchkiss
    • tu galoches : Your Frenchkiss
    • he/she: we galoshes: he/she/it french kisses
    • nous galochons: french knotskiss
    • you are galloping: Du Franzosekiss
    • You: your galochent: your Frenchkiss

    The verb galocher is not a new word. That oneoriginal meaning of GalocherIt's "the sound of walking in galoshes."Les Galoches" are leather shoes with wooden solesemay come from the Latin gallicus - Gallic shoe. Here is the word in Englishrain bootscomes from.

    The change in meaning of words over time is a normal process in any language, called semantic change. For example, did you know that the word "cute" originally meant insightful or insightful and came about as an abbreviation for the word "sharp"?

    "The word 'nice' originally meant a stupid, ignorant or foolish person. And not surprisingly, a 'virgin' used to be a woman who spun yarn or thread.

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    So there you have it.

    Go out and ask for kisses in French with confidence. is supported by reader advertisements and affiliate links. If you buy through links on this site, I may receive a small commission, but your price is the same, which helps me buy more croissants for my kids and keep this site going. Thank you for your support.


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