Eagles Film Review: Tanner McKee could be a good fit in Philly (2023)

By 2023NFL draftUp, it's time for some movie theatersPhiladelphia Eaglesbeginner class. I will try to reach out to all players and some UDFAs in the coming weeks. There are plenty of scouting reports that will obviously say very similar things, so I've tried to include film clips to back them all up, and I'll talk about the player's adjustment with the Eagles at the end of the piece. I've watched all22 on several newbies, but I can't share those clips on my own Twitter accounts (or risk getting banned), so I've used a few other accounts here. Let's go!

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+ Extra long with good size and frame.

+ Has good arm strength to drive the ball, especially in the short/intermediate game


— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

He can tear it up.pic.twitter.com/CfqH5ZiRQM

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

+ Has the strength and quickness in his arm to bring the ball down the field and hit receivers down the stretch.

A QB in Eagan visits#Vikings, hear: Tanner McKee from Stanford.pic.twitter.com/M8xL5FtY8s

— Darren Wolfson (@DWolfsonKSTP)April 11, 2023

+ Demonstrates the ability to read the deep safety, process the field and broadcast his reads.

(Watch him move and keep the deep security here with his eyes. Practice)

...Tanner McKee is a big, smooth handler for Stanford. Game seems to slow down - uses eyes to move/hold defenders often to create lanes. Easy arm and good pocket movement. One of the most interesting QBs in CFB

Pac 12 Preview Journey to the Draft ⤵️https://t.co/eBOY4Uch1Z pic.twitter.com/BJojqhMKdS

— Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL)July 27, 2022
(Video) Why the Eagles had FAR AND AWAY the BEST NFL Draft Class: Film Breakdown

+ Accurate when his feet are set at all levels of the field. He has very good ball placement most of the time.

Tanner McKee: 65.4 completion percentage

1 in Pac-12 QBs in 2021pic.twitter.com/fobdUusnzO

— PFF College (@PFF_College)February 11, 2022

McKee has some of the best ball placement in the league.pic.twitter.com/i948iQ91lE

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

+ He is impressive when throwing even though he is not a fast athlete. He can throw on the run from both sides.

nice sequence by Tanner McKee: 3rd sprintout to the left + single pole alignmentpic.twitter.com/HB7aZVdIsp

— Nate Tice (@Nate_Tice)October 9, 2022

+ Aggressive on the court and has good feel for the ball on deep drives off the tracks like fades and go balls.

(Video) Tanner McKee Connects with his Teammates and Coaches

Tanner McKee, a common thread.pic.twitter.com/KPUBKdW544

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

Ball placement doesn't get much better than this.

John Humphreys demonstrates the#ArroganteHandenThe.pic.twitter.com/0poZutIa8F

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

+ He has an aggressive mentality that is not easy for quarterbacks to teach. He will take his chances in one-on-one matchups to match this attack.


Stanford at No. 3 Oregon...


— PFF College (@PFF_College)October 2, 2021

+ Shows subtle baggage management to create throw lanes and buy an extra half second.

...really enjoy this Tanner McKee/Benjamin Yurosek film

Nice rep here by McKee - subtle slip into the pocket, eyes up, both hands on the ball, then anticipation around the defender. Wow... Very nice.pic.twitter.com/L5EAToIaLe

— Ben Fennell (@BenFennell_NFL)July 21, 2022
(Video) The Intel With Greg Cosell: Breaking Down D'Andre Swift Trade, Philadelphia Eagles 2023 Draft Picks

#StanfordQB Tanner McKee often faced muddy pockets, lack of WR separation, but his mobility and pocket maneuvers impressed me despite the conditions.

Avoids the rush, gets into the bag and hits the crosser over the MOF.

2nd throw, keeps safety with eyes, produces nice shot.pic.twitter.com/Vnz6bKZHuM

— Devin Jackson (@RealD_Jackson)May 1, 2023

+ Get ready to stand on the sack and hit as you deliver the football.

Another very well placed ball, with the pressure coming, that the WR doesn't carry.pic.twitter.com/xTa4r6ucW2

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff)June 20, 2022

- Not built for the modern NFL as an athlete. Quick-footed and unable to let loose rushers miss. He was fired a lot last year and had a high pressure to fire %.

- He has a long slow release that allows defenders to hit/shoot him. 9 mistakes in the last 2 years, partly due to this release. The release also allows corners to jump for routes.


— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9)May 13, 2023
(Video) Nolan Smith is Ready To Be an Eagle

- He has that Carson Wentz thing where he sends a few steps up the air and flies over his receiver's head. It led to a few too many interceptions.


— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9)May 13, 2023

- He is not a playmaker if the game breaks down. It will not create outside the structure.


— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9)May 13, 2023

- If you're a #QBwinz guy...he has a 6-15 record as a starter.

- Slightly older at 23 years old, just 1 year younger than Jalen Hurts.

Tanner McKee is the reason I love watching players after we get them. I'll be honest, I had no idea why we drafted Tanner McKee when the pick was made. I didn't see the point in drafting another quarterback when we already have a clear backup quarterback. Besides, Tanner McKee is actually the complete opposite of Hurts and Marcus Mariota, which really confused me.

But after seeing it, I kind of like the choice. Sorry. I can't help it. I like those big old fashioned pocket passers, even if the NFL passed on them. Five years ago, Tanner McKee is definitely an early pick. He is good at so many things. He flies with great touch all over the court, is pretty consistent with his ball placement and can withstand his advances.

There are those who would never field a quarterback like McKee again. And I totally understand that. He won't get out of structure, has a slow release and will take too many bags because he can't get away. I wouldn't argue with anyone who took McKee out of their draft and I'm sure some NFL teams did.

Of course, you can't run the same offense with McKee as you can with Hurts or Mariota, but I think he'd be an odd fit in the system if he plays at all in the next few years. If we ever got to see McKee play, I think this offense would be hilarious. McKee's strength is his deep accuracy, and the Eagles like to run to set up deep shots down the field. I convinced myself that the Eagles drafted McKee based purely on his deep field throws as well. He bowls a nice ball outside the numbers. Mariota is a much better fit in the Eagles offense, of course, but I don't like him much as a player either, and his deep ball is pretty bad. It's not impossible to think that the Eagles might like McKee enough to draft him, should Mariota really take a turn for the worse.

Tanner McKee may never play a snap for the Eagles (and that's a good thing), but I can't lie and pretend I'm not a little intrigued by what this offense would look like.

(Video) Projecting Philadelphia Eagles 53-Man Roster – Defense: Greedy Williams Or Josh Jobe?

I watched Tanner McKee today (was a bit confused by the pick) and now I'm convinced the Eagles picked him for his deep shooting outside of the numbers. If it ever plays, I feel like it will just be run-run-deepshot-run-run-deepshot, etc. It will be (sort of) fun to watch

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9)May 11, 2023


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