How do you tan your bald head? 4 steps to follow | Malecut (2023)

If you stand in the sun with a bald head, you are exposing it to the harmful effects of UV rays. It's something most bald people don't think about until they develop uneven skin tone and other scalp issues.

Excessive exposure to UV light without protection can cause dryness, rough surface texture, color loss and irritation.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your bald head on a hot, sunny day is to tan. It's not hard to learnhow to tan your bald head. All you need are the right ingredients and instructions to get the job done.


  • 1 What is tanning?
  • 2 types of self tanning products you can use
    • 2.1 Self-tanning lotion
    • 2.2 Self-tanning spray
  • 3 How to Blacken Your Bald Head - Step by Step Instructions
    • 3.1 Shave your bald head
    • 3.2 Use self-tan lotion
    • 3.3 Use self-tanning airbrush spray
    • 3.4 Use a homemade self-tanning solution

What is tanning?

This is a process of applying a tanning formula to your scalp to achieve a dark or tan color.

Types of self tanning products you can use

There are two types of tanning products that you can use, a tanning cream or a tanning spray.

Self tanning lotion

Get an even skin toneand protect your bald head with a top quality self tanning lotion.

Say goodbye to a sticky, pale scalp and boost your confidence with a self-tanning lotion. When you get a natural, safe tan, your uniqueness shines through.

But the best and safest results depend on the self-tanning lotion you choose. Pro tip - choose products that are effective and safe for all skin types.

We recommend a product that contains carefully selected ingredients. The ingredients must be natural, high quality and nutritious.

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They should be able to give your scalp a natural color without exposure to harmful substances. Ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic green tea extract and organic shea butter provide a safe sunless tan for your bald head.

Self tanning spray

Want a beautiful tan for your bald head without the harmful UV rays? Next, consider a high-quality self-tanning spray. The spray should be a transfer-resistant, clear formula that easily disappears on the scalp for quick drying and invisible feeling, natural color.

When it comes to self-tanning sprays, you can choose between water foam and airbrush spray formulas. You can also choose between tinted and non-tinted depending on your preference. The best product evens out your skin tone and even helps camouflage the outer spots on your scalp.

It should begive your bald head a healthy and beautiful shinewhile moisturizing your skin with organic and natural ingredients. The spray must be free of gluten and animal testing.

How to Blacken Your Bald Head - Step by Step Instructions

There are several things that you need to do before you can effectively tan your bald head. The main things you need to do are:

Shave your bald head

How do you tan your bald head? 4 steps to follow | Malecut (1)

Want to get rid of male pattern baldness and have a completely bald head for effective tanning results. So, the first thing you should do is shave your head. These are the important steps to follow:

  • Step 1 - Cut your hair

If you have long hair on the sides and back, you can make the shaving process much easier by cutting the hair withmower. With shorter hair, you can easily get rid of male pattern baldness. You will have a completely bald head in no time.

  • Step 2 - Shampoo your head

What shampoo is going to do is help moisturize your hair. Use oneshampoo designed for bald headto avoid irritating products.

In addition to moisturizing, the shampoo will do a great job of cleansing the scalp. Rinse your head to remove the shampoo.

  • Step 3 - Apply shaving gel or cream

OfShaving Foamor gel helps to moisturize the head when shaving close. Moisturized hair is softer and easier to cut. Less force during a close shave means fewer cuts and burns.

Shaving cream or gel forms a thin protective layer between the scalp and the blade. This minimizes the risk of irritation, chafing, razor burn and redness.

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Shaving cream helps you follow your shaving patterns to make sure you don't miss a spot, especially at the back of the head. It also rejuvenates and soothes the bald head.

  • Step 4 - Check the blades to make sure they are not dull

Use only sharp knives. Dull blades can easily cause nicks and cuts, and even cause irritation and burns.

Withdrawal:How often should you replace your safety razor blade?

  • Step 5 - Use gentle, light strokes to shave

Soft, light strokes are essential when shaving your bald head.

We recommend shaving in the direction of hair growth. But you can always work in a pattern that is easy and comfortable for you.

  • Step 6 - Rinse the blades between shaves

Consider rinsing the blades after two to three strokes. You need to rinse both the back and front of the blades. Be sure to shave off the excess water.

Do not brush the blades against a piece of cloth or tap them against your skin. Such habits are likely to interfere with the unique design of the blades.

  • Step 7 - Rinse and dry your head

Once you are satisfied that you have achieved a completely bald head ready for tanning, you can go ahead and rinse the head. Then dry it with a clean towel.

  • Step 8 - Exfoliate

Exfoliate your scalpit is very important because you get more out of your self tanning products. This process cleanses your scalp to improve skin texture andmake it soft and smooth.

It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, making the skin more even. You can exfoliate your scalp with an exfoliating soap and sponge. Then rinse off the soap.

  • Step 9 - Hydration

After exfoliating, it's important to moisturize the scalp before tanning.

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Use self-tanning lotion

  • Step 1: Prepare your scalp

Make sure you shave your head completely by following the shaving instructions above. Then exfoliate and moisturize the scalp.

After you've done all that, go ahead and dry your head.

  • Step 2: Apply self-tanning lotion

Pour a small amount of the self-tanning lotion into your hands and apply it to your bald head as you would a regular body lotion.

Be sure to rub in the tanning lotion in a circular motion. Wash your hands immediately after application. Then give the formula a few minutes to settle and dry.

  • Step 3: What to Expect

The wait may be long for some people, but the results of self-tanning will not be immediately visible. It may take up to two days to see a natural glow.

Use self-tanning lotion every other day to maintain your beautiful tan. If you don't maintain it, the color may fade over the next few days.

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Use a self-tanning airbrush spray

  • Step 1: Prepare your scalp

Go completely bald by shaving off all the hair on your head. Exfoliate and moisturize your scalp for best results with a tan best airbrush spray.

  • Step 2: Spray your head

Hold the self-tanning airbrush spray bottle four to eight inches from your scalp. Spray your bald head in quick, side-to-side, continuous sweeping motions.

Spray lightly on your head and blend around your ears and let the tanner dry.

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  • Step 3: Allow the tan time to develop

Allow approximately four to eight hours for the airbrush spray tan formula to develop. You can always blend the color with an applicator to get an even color on your bald head.

Spray on your head daily to keep baldness shiny every day. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

Use a homemade self-tanning solution

You can also make a homemade self-tanning solution for the safest, natural results.

You will need the following to prepare this solution: Hone cup of virgin coconut oil, two tablespoons of grapeseed oil, toasted sesame oil and avocado oil, ten drops of vanilla oil and five dropscoconut oil.

Mix all the ingredients and mix until it becomes a homogeneous solution. You may choose to add more grape seed and avocado oil to dilute the solution. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle.

This homemade self-tanning solution helps your bald head maintain its firmness and elasticity. It will strengthen and tighten your bald head to improve softness and shine.

This solution is rich invitamins E, which is great because it protects your scalp cells from the negative effects of environmental pollution, toxins and UV rays.

The solution is also packed with antioxidants that not only turn your scalp upside down, but also protect against the effects of free radicals.

  • Step 1: Prepare your head

You have to shave off the remaining hair to get a completely bald head. Exfoliate the scalp to remove any impurities hidden in the skin pores, then moisturize.

  • Step 2: Apply the solution

You made this homemade self tanning solution with natural oils. So, you can use a spray bottle to tan your head or you can use your hand to massage the solution into your scalp.

Do not apply too much of the solution to avoid a very shiny bald head.

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How do you tan on a bald head? ›

Using sunless tanner is a helpful solution when you're wondering how to get even skin tone on a bald head, as it helps your scalp to not be so noticeably pale.

How long does it take for your scalp to tan? ›

Given sufficient exposure to sunlight, your scalp will tan and will eventually match the tone of the rest of your skin. For most people, a week or two is all it will take, given moderate exposure to the sun each day.

How do bald people keep their head shiny? ›

Oil and waxes are another avenue to consider when seeking products to make a bald head shine. Baby oil can be applied in a circular motion to the scalp and rubbed out with a warm towel to create a buffed, shiny effect. Light-hold waxes that enhance shine can also be used and buffed out to create a similar effect.

What do you rub on a bald head? ›

Look for products that include hyaluronic acid, shea butter, ceramides, glycerin, and the like.” A perennial Strategist favorite, Weleda Skin Food is also a great moisturizer for the scalp, according to Peterson: “I love this cream for everything. It's rich, thick, and natural.”

How can I tan my fur naturally? ›

Place the skin in the shade, laying it completely flat with the fur side down, preferably on a cold concrete or rock surface. When the skin feels cool to the touch, immediately cover the fleshy side completely with plain, uniodized salt. Use three to five pounds for a sheep or deer skin. Don't skimp.

Why doesn't my scalp tan? ›

This is because your hair has acted as barrier to sunlight and prevented tanning on your scalp. If you expose your head to the same amount of sunlight as the rest of your head, the skin tone will soon match. Just be aware that the scalp is sensitive to light and can burn just any other exposed skin.

Do you tan instantly or does it develop? ›

Most people will tan within a few hours. Sometimes, you will not see a tan right away. In response to sun exposure, the skin produces melanin , which can take time. This eventually changes the color of the skin.

Can you spray tan a shaved head? ›

Before the tan: Make sure he hasn't shaved his head within the last 24 hours, recently applied sunblock or moisturizer as the residues from these can all block a tan.

Can you tan your scalp? ›

Bald h eads, or scalps with bald patches, can be “tanned” But the client needs to exfoliate them well first. A baking soda scrub (water mixed with baking soda, or clear shower gel mixed with baking soda) with a washcloth, or exfoliation cloth or glove will generally work well.

What looks good on bald guys? ›

Darker colours with light skin tones: Pale skin tones look great in natural colours and in darker hues as they compliment your peachy undertones. A bald man with light skin should try colours such as burnt orange or forest green, grey and brown. But avoid white and pastel colours as they will wash your complexion out.

What are the benefits of bald look? ›

Advantages of Shaving Your Head
  • No hassle. When you shave your head you no longer have to worry about combing or styling your hair. ...
  • No more spending money are barbers. ...
  • Shaved heads are complimentary. ...
  • Washing is easy. ...
  • You look younger. ...
  • Awareness of head shape. ...
  • Sunburn. ...
  • Requires Routine.

Is it good to put Vaseline on bald head? ›

While Vaseline may offer some benefits for moisturizing your hair and scalp, there's currently no evidence to suggest that it stimulates hair growth or provides any protection against issues such as male pattern baldness.

Should I lotion my bald head? ›

Moisturizing is a must. Shaving and exposure to the sun can leave your scalp hurting for hydration, so be sure to lather it up every morning, and if you can find a moisturizer with a solid SPF rating, all the better.

How often should I wash my bald head? ›

1: Cleanse Your Scalp

Your head produces a surprising amount of oil and sweat, but this is usually spread throughout your hair, making it far less noticeable. This can build up too quickly for bald men, and with nowhere to go, it can clog your pores and make your head shiny. Daily washing is a must.

What is the best tanning solution for furs? ›

NuTan is used by professional tanneries, taxidermists as well as the first-time tanner. NuTan is the perfect solution for anyone looking to tan their hide or fur skin. It is simple to use and can be used for small or big game. It can also be used for hair-off or buckskin tanning.

How did Native Americans tan hides? ›

A tanning mixture made of brains, liver, soapweed, and grease was rubbed into the hide. Tanning made it soft. "Then women had had a great deal to do when buffalo were killed. As soon as they had skinned the animal, they spread the skin on the ground and pegged it down to stretch and dry.

What is brain tanning? ›

One of the oldest methods still in use is brain tanning. So what exactly is it? Traditionally, dehaired hides are soaked in the natural fats and enzymes of animal brains to break down the connective tissues. Hence the name! The hides are then stretched till dry and smoked over a smoldering flame to finish them.

How do you get the color of your scalp? ›

Apply a pea-sized toothpaste on the stained area of your scalp with either a cotton swab or by finger. Gently rub the toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush to exfoliate the stain for about 5-10 minutes. Remove the toothpaste with a washcloth that you can get color on.

What color is everyone's scalp? ›


WHITE: This is the ideal colour. If it's translucent with no flakes, not oily or dry and slightly soft to the touch, it's perfectly healthy!. But this may change with age and changes in diet and lifestyle, so always be mindful.

Does your scalp need sunlight? ›

Following the same path of extra vitamin D, sunlight can also help to prevent and combat hair loss. The sun helps to treat the skin of your scalp in the same way that it benefits facial skin – slowing the growth of skin cells which causes a spread of acne on the scalp.

What is the best time to tan? ›

The practice of lying in the sun is actually risky and increases the potential of developing skin cancer. If you're going to tan, however, and your goal is to tan quickly, the best time is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

What foods help with tanning? ›

In addition to cherries, watermelon and other red fruits, peaches, apricots and melons are also ideal tanning foods. They are seasonal fruits and, as you might guess from their orange color, they are rich in beta-carotene.

How long should I tan to start? ›

This can be anywhere from one to three minutes per session. You should repeat this session time for several weeks until you build a light base tan. You can then begin increasing tanning time by one-minute increments per week. Do not increase the time if any signs of skin irritation occur.

Can I tan if I haven't shaved? ›

You do not need to start shaving your entire body to have a good sunless tan application.

Should you moisturize after shaving before spray tan? ›

Shave, Exfoliate and Moisturize Before Tanning

The first and one of the most important steps is to shave beforehand. Shaving after your spray tan will cause the tan to look blotchy and fade quicker.

Why shave before spray tan? ›

If you shave or wax, it's best to do this prior to your appointment. Doing so afterwards can speed up the fading process, as it removes layers of skin (and in turn, your tan). Just like with exfoliation, you'll want to aim for around 24-48 hours before your spray tan.

Do girls like buff bald guys? ›

Most women find bald men attractive and sexy and recommended men to be proud of being bald. They also accompany the bald look with a nice beard and a fit body. Women find this to be a great way to emphasize the masculine and tough side of a bald guy and create an extremely attractive and charming look.

What is the best head shape for bald people? ›

"A nice round head shape is best," says Mackenzey Forrey, a stylist at Bumble and Bumble. "Check for bumps, divots, ridges, and flatness.

Why do bald guys look tough? ›

All three studies found similar results: A man's shorn scalp was linked with dominance. In other words, men with shaved heads were perceived as powerful by others. It seems that closely cropped or bald domes have a certain manly swagger to them that project a powerful look.

Does hair grow back differently after shaving your head? ›

No — shaving hair doesn't change its thickness, color or rate of growth.

How do you camouflage your scalp? ›

Use a Topical Concealer

The most commonly used camouflages include hair building fibers (a keratin based product in a shaker jar) which increase density when applied to the scalp near bald spots.

What does a tanning lotion do? ›

An indoor tanning lotion will allow you to tan darker and faster than you would lying in the sun. These tanning products are formulated to help you achieve a good base tan and are ideal for those beginning their indoor tanning adventure. Accelerator and maximizer lotions typically provide high levels of moisturization.

Who is the most attractive bald man? ›

15 Sexiest Bald Men
  • Frazer Harrison/Getty Images. Billy Zane. ...
  • David Livingston/Getty Images. Sir Patrick Stewart. ...
  • Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images. Mike Colter. ...
  • Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images. ...
  • Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images. Boris Kodjoe. ...
  • Presley Ann/Getty Images. ...
  • Marco Garcia/Getty Images. ...
  • Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Oct 11, 2022

Do bald guys look good? ›

Researchers recently polled 1000 women, and 87% provided a positive response about dating a bald man. Only a small minority saw baldness as a negative issue, with most listing other features such as a fit body as a greater indicator of attractiveness.

Are bald men more sexier? ›

So, for the questions “Do women like bald men?” the overwhelming majority of women gave positive answers. 87.5% of women of different ages and nationalities surveyed find bald men attractive compared to only 12.5% of women, who gave negative answer.

Does a bald head make you look younger? ›

#1 – Shave Years off Your Appearance

Well, shaving your head is the closest thing you can get to looking ten years younger. It may sound superficial, but it's true. At first, it may seem like an extremely frightening thing to do, especially if you're just starting out with losing your hair.

What does bald symbolize? ›

Therefore, it would seem that baldness can sometimes represent leadership or over-the-top manliness. Studies have indeed shown that bald men are often viewed as stronger and more masculine than their floppy haired counterparts, providing evidence for this rather more positive theory.

How does bald affect you? ›

It's actually more unusual not to go bald. Yet despite how common male pattern baldness is, it causes untold distress and anguish to men. It's strongly associated with the development of depression, anxiety and poor self-image.

Can scalps get tan? ›

Bald h eads, or scalps with bald patches, can be “tanned” But the client needs to exfoliate them well first. A baking soda scrub (water mixed with baking soda, or clear shower gel mixed with baking soda) with a washcloth, or exfoliation cloth or glove will generally work well.

Can a bald head get sunburned? ›

Your scalp can get sunburned just like any skin on your body, from your feet to your lips and earlobes.

Is sunlight good for shaved head? ›

If you're bald or you have significantly thinning hair, it's really important to make sure you protect your head on sunny days. Over the course of the day, the skin on your scalp is going to be exposed to direct sunlight more than any other part of your body.

Is sun bad for bald head? ›

Men and women with thinning hair and bald spots are more vulnerable to sun exposure, which can lead to precancers and skin cancers. The earlier you start protecting your scalp from the sun, the better. Here's why. A bald scalp often reveals its history of years of sun exposure.

What is scalp shading? ›

The process of scalp shading involves applying a concealer product to the skin, a scalp shader, in order to reduce the contrast between the color of the hair and the color of the scalp.

What can I put on my bald head for sunburn? ›

Apply Hydrocortisone Cream

Both experts recommend applying a 1% or over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream once a day as a remedy for a sunburn of the scalp and hairline. Hydrocortisone is typically used to treat swelling, itching, and irritation.

How do you apply sunscreen to your scalp? ›

Mitchell encourages you to spray the product eight inches away from the scalp, evenly targeting the areas with less hair. Next, rub the product into the scalp and wait 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Does scalp sunburn peel? ›

Just like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp will likely peel and flake as your sunburn begins to heal. If you're dealing with a sunburned scalp, we recommend adding a few moisturizing products to your hair care routine.

How often should you wash your bald head? ›

1: Cleanse Your Scalp

Your head produces a surprising amount of oil and sweat, but this is usually spread throughout your hair, making it far less noticeable. This can build up too quickly for bald men, and with nowhere to go, it can clog your pores and make your head shiny. Daily washing is a must.

Which oil is best for bald head? ›

Castor oil: Contains ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Olive oil: Contains antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which can help protect hair from damage and promote healthy hair growth.

Is hot water good for shaved head? ›

Shaving with cold water gives a better and smoother shave.

Water alone, no matter warm or cold, opens and closes the hair cuticle thus softening the hair.

How can I protect my bald head in summer? ›

Unsurprisingly, the best way to protect a bald head is to keep it out of the sun. Dr Bowes advises wearing a hat to protect your head while in the sun and wearing protective clothing and glasses to shield the rest of your body.


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