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If you want to ditch menstrual cups without taking painkillers, consider Livia. Here are some quick facts about this new device that claims to eliminate period pain:

  • Livia was launched in 2016 after a successful IndiGoGo campaign.
  • Similar to a TENS machine you might find at physical therapists
  • Pads are placed on the abdomen, which emit a frequency that "turns off" menstrual cramps
  • long lasting battery
  • approved by the FDA
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 2 years warranty
  • Studies have shown that the Livia device is effective in reducing the pain of menstrual cramps.
  • Basically a unit of tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for cramps
  • The clip makes it portable while you go about your daily life.
  • Easy touch on/off button and a control to increase or decrease stimulation
  • Pads adhere to the skin easily.

Buy now

It can be difficult to find Livia in stores, so we recommend buying online. And don't forget to check if you're eligible for free shipping with an Amazon Prime subscription. Find here:Purchase Livia on Amazon.

Perhaps the real question is, "Does Livia work?" Read on to find out!

How to Stop Menstrual Cramps: Consider the Livia Device?

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light review

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If you have bad cramps, you're probably willing to do almost anything to get rid of them. You may have tried exercising to get rid of cramps or otherNatural cure for menstrual cramps.Maybe you just take painkillers like they're vitamins!

If you're reading this article, chances are these natural remedies haven't worked for you, and you probably don't like pain relievers because they can be very harsh on the body.

If you want to stop menstrual cramps, consider this device. It is a device similar to the TENS unit that you can use when you visit the physical therapist. It's basically a machine that transmits electrical impulses to your abdominal area.

You place the electrodes where the pain is (abdomen or lumbar region), connect the wire to the device and turn it on so that it starts to emit electrical impulses.

The company claims it blocks menstrual cramps, simple as that.

Let's take a look at what the science says, what real users are saying about the product, and then weigh the pros and cons of this new machine in the world of feminine hygiene. Then we'll give you our recommendation on whether or not you should consider this exciting new product.

Relief of Livia's painful periods:compre online

The best place to get it is Amazon. Shipping is usually free, always fast and the packaging is discreet. If you want to reduce pain, consider this machine.

Check it out today:

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About Livia Company

Livia appeared in 2016 after a successfulindigocampaign, which raised nearly two million dollars. There was a lot of buzz around the release, and information about Livia can be found in places like the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Bustle.

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It's not exactly new technology, despite all the hype. People in the health and medical field have used nerve stimulation for decades to reduce pain.

The company says its product is a “drug-free solution for colic. With a single touch, the tiny device closes the "pain gates", stimulating the nerves and blocking the passage of pain to the brain. No more pain, no more pills."

It has been approved for sale in the US by the FDA, although that doesn't say much about whether or not the product actually works.

Let's explore what the science behind menstrual cramps says, this product specifically, and then what real Amazon users are saying.

Period Pain Relief: What Do Studies Show?

The TENS machine, which you've probably seen when you go to physical therapy, has been around since the 1960s and is used to treat pain through electrical nerve stimulation. Livia is quite similar, although it emits a specific frequency that is especially useful for menstrual cramps.

Livia conducted clinical trials with 163 people and found that it reduced menstrual cramps by 80%.

Studies have also been done to see if regular TENS machines are effective in treating menstrual pain. The results presented were very positive. 42% of people who used the TENS machine reported good or excellent pain relief. Compare that to the 3.2% of people who used the placebo (simple) TENS machine, which didn't actually deliver electrical impulses.

Another interesting finding from this study is that people who used the TENS machine reported:

  • less menstrual flow
  • reduced clot formation
  • less diarrhea
  • less fatigue

Overall, the clinical research carried out by Lívia, as well as this study on the TENS machine and menstrual cramps, are quite promising. It looks like Livia could really work to reduce pain during your period.

Livia's unboxing video

Liva for menstrual cramp professionals:

  • Battery life is 24 hours.
  • The machine is very durable and should last for years.
  • Reduce the amount of pain relievers you take while on Livia
  • approved by the FDA
  • The cord is a good length to place on the abdomen or lower back (wherever you feel pain)
  • It includes everything you need to get started, including the device, case, USD charging case, travel case, ear tips, etc.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 2 years warranty

Livia for menstrual pain Cons:

  • It cannot be used by people with pacemakers or heart problems.
  • Too expensive, maybe consider just buying a regular TENS machine
  • Some reports of poor customer service from the company
  • Some Amazon users have reported that the device is not as durable (although it has a 2-year warranty)

Other Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

If you are looking for alternative solutions for menstrual cramps, consider the following:

(Video) Livia Review: Pricey tens machine for period pain?

10 natural ways to get rid of cramps

Livia Reviews: What people are saying

“I found that Livia really helped reduce the cramping and pain associated with my period. I used to have period cramps so bad I didn't want to get out of bed, but this machine has made them bearable."

“I had terrible cramps for years and tried everything. Nothing really worked except the ibuprofen, and now this. I much prefer the drug-free approach to period pain. The pace can feel a little daunting when you're just starting out, but you'll get used to it over time. Thanks for making such a great product."

“I find it insulting that this TENS brand in fun colors costs so much more than a plain brand. Save a hundred dollars and get a regular machine like you would use in the physical therapy office.

Isn't it basically a TENS machine?

The short answer is yes, basically the Livia is no different than your average TENS unit. The big difference is the price. You can get a basic TENS unit for around $30 on Amazon, while a Livia costs several times that. (CheckTENS unit on Amazon here)

Oh, don't forget the pretty colors too! Livia is obviously a machine made with women in mind. However, in our opinion, this is certainly not worth the much higher price tag.

Compare with a TENS machine here

The takeaway in Livia for period relief

If you have terrible period pain and cramps and are looking for some relief, consider doing TENS. Studies have shown that they can offer relief for many people.

But should you consider Livia for period pain? Possibly yes. It's a device that has worked for many people. And if it works for you, all power to you!

It's well made and includes everything you need to start reducing your cramps. Hopefully the electrical pulses will help reduce pain during your period.

However, there doesn't seem to be any difference between a normal TENS unit and the Livia, except for the price and the colors. Livia is cute and obviously designed with women in mind. However, it's quite expensive when you consider what you actually get.

(Video) 6 MONTH UPDATE -- Livia: The OFF Switch for Menstrual Pain

If you get the Livia, you'll probably be very happy with it. However, if you want to save a little money, check out the table above for some of the cheapest options for period pain. In terms of effectiveness, they will work just as well.

Head over to Amazon to buy Livia today for menstrual cramp relief:

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Livia review for menstrual pain

Livia Gel Pads: Can I Get Replacements?

If you use your Livia often, you might want some extra pads because they can wear out. However, based on our experience, they are quite durable, so we don't suggest buying more until the time comes.

You can find Livia's gel pads on Amazon:

Livia Review | menstrual pain relief (5)

Livia for menstrual pain relief: give your opinion

What do you think of Livia? Does it really work? Or, it's too much hype. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

Also be sure to share this content on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. This will help others who suffer from painful cramps like you to find this resource helpful.

Interested in trying a menstrual cup? Have a look here:iCare Menstrual Cup Review.

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Is Livia good for period pain? ›

In clinical trials, Livia's technology has been proven to deliver safe, fast and effective relief of pain caused by menstruation. Using proprietary SmartWave™ technology based on the gate control theory, Livia transmits special micro-pulses to keep the nerves “busy” and block the signals that cause period pain.

Is Livia like a TENS unit? ›

Livia is a TENS unit. The science behind using a TENS unit for period pain is that the vibration from the unit will travel faster to the brain than the signal from the pain.

How long can you leave Livia on? ›

The Livia needs to be used for only 10 to 30 minutes after which the pain is dealt with, meaning you don't need to sleep with the Livia on.

What's the best painkiller for periods? ›

Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve), at regular doses starting the day before you expect your period to begin can help control the pain of cramps. Prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also are available.

What is most effective for period pain? ›

heat – putting a heat pad or hot water bottle (wrapped in a tea towel) on your tummy may help reduce pain. warm bath or shower – taking a warm bath or shower can relieve pain and help you relax. massage – light, circular massage around your lower abdomen may also help reduce pain.


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