What does it mean when my cat wags its tail? (2023)


  • What does it mean when a cat wags its tail?
    • 1. The cat feels safe
    • 2. Scared Cat
    • 3. Happy and excited cat
    • 4. Irritated Cat
    • 5. On the hunt for prey
    • 6. Feel safe
  • Tail Movement and Cat Behavior
    • 1. Shake slowly
    • 2. Low movement
    • 3. Curly tail
    • 4. Fast twitch
    • 5. Slow Motion
    • 6. Goose tail
    • 7. Sleep contraction
    • 8. The Aljava
    • 9. Lie down and wag your tail
    • 10. Wag the tail low
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What does it mean when a cat wags its tail?

Cats are pretty much the most expressive creatures on Earth. They have many different ways to show how they feel, and one way is throughyour tail wagging patterns🇧🇷 There are many reasons why cats may be wagging their tails. We've narrowed it down to six main ones: when they feel confident, scared, excited, angry, hunting, or just feeling safe in their surroundings. Let's get into it!

What does it mean when my cat wags its tail? (1)

1. The cat feels safe

A confident cat will have a high tail flick. Cats use their tails to communicate with each other, which usually indicates trust in the cat handling it. It also shows that they are happy about something.

When your cat confidently wags her tail, the kitten feels good about her surroundings. Your pet will also be more likely to notice people approaching or approaching her. In addition, they will have a greater awareness of their surroundings. These are all signs of a happy feline!

2. Scared Cat

A frightened cat will wag its tail low. Contrary to the trusting cat, this type of tail wagging shows that your kitty is feeling very insecure about her surroundings. Fanning is also seen as a sign of submissive behavior for cats. So if your furry seems scared but not aggressive, it may have its tail slightly tucked between its legs and moving from side to side.

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If you notice this behavior and are concerned about what it might mean, speak to a veterinarian or animal care professional for guidance.

3. Happy and excited cat

What does it mean when my cat wags its tail? (2)

Cats have a variety of tail wagging patterns and they all mean something different. The most common meaning behind feline tail wagging is that the cat is feeling excited, from being happy to play with another pet or a human companion. Cats also often use their tails for balance while moving over uneven terrain, such as trees or bushes, while hunting.

So if you see your kitty holding her tail in the air when she walks outside, it means she might be having fun! His tails also touch the ground in an almost circular motion when they are happy.

4. Irritated Cat

Tail wagging can also be a sign of discomfort. A cat's body language may change when it is irritated, such as when its ears flatten or stick to its head. Also, the tail will lag behind as they move away from their tormentor. Sometimes cats will even growl when they feel this anger towards another person (although not constantly).

When cats are irritated with another animal nearby, they wag their tails to show the other animal that they are angry. If this happens, it's best to give the cat some space to develop aggression.

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5. On the hunt for prey

You should pay attention to the behavior of a cat when it is hunting. If you notice your pet begin to wag its tail, it may be from excitement and the anticipation of catching its prey. The cat's tail is just as important as the cat's other four limbs because it allows them to make very accurate judgments when hunting their food sources or attacking their enemies.

6. Feel safe

Tail wagging has many purposes and meanings. One of the goals is to communicate a sense of safety. Cats use their tails as an extension of themselves when they are relaxed or content, which creates a feeling that the cat feels secure in its environment.

If a cat feels threatened or unsafe, it will keep its tail low and close to its body. Cats use this gesture of insecurity as an invitation for other people to approach them.

Tail Movement and Cat Behavior

A cat's tail behavior is an easy way for pet owners to gauge their animal companion's mood. It can be a clear indication of your furry friend's state of mind and mood. Therefore, it is essential to know how eachtail wag means.

1. Shake slowly

The flapping type expresses that your cat is feeling sleepy and calm. You can even call it a royal invitation. This type of slow rocking indicates that you can pay attention to your cat. In addition, it indicates the mood of the game in a satisfied atmosphere.

2. Low movement

Downward movement refers to the back and forth movement of a cat's tail. Sometimes it refers to the unfortunate gestures of the cat. The best way to deal with this is to leave the cat alone for a limited time. And the best thing is to give it a little space to settle.

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3. Curly tail

It's an indication of your kitty's deep affection for someone or something. Wrapping the tail around the hand or any object indicates satisfaction. It also shows the game time, you need to pay attention to them.

4. Fast twitch

If your cat's tail is wagging quickly, it usually means that she is concentrating. You are likely to see this when your pet is looking at something like birds or other small animals outside your window. Also, it can make strange noises like screeching or even chattering in some cases.

5. Slow Motion

A cat's tail is a fascinating thing. It communicates a lot of what they are thinking and feeling! If you notice your furry friend slowly moving his tail from left to right, it means that he is slightly irritated or unimpressed by something. Giving them space is the best move on your side in these types of situations.

6. Goose tail

When the skin stands on end, it means that he is defensive or afraid. Perhaps your kitty feels threatened by another nearby animal. Sometimes cats also arch their backs. Tail flapping refers to representing yourself in a terrifying way.

7. Sleep contraction

Your cat may wag its tail when you pet it or talk to it while it sleeps. It's his way of saying that as long as he's aware and present, he feels safe enough to continue napping.

8. The Aljava

Your feline friend is delighted to see you and can't contain his excitement. His tail will be in the air with a little wobbling action near its tip. That means they're ready to interact! They may also purr, rub their face against yours, or meow happily. This indicates that your cat wants more quality time together.

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9. Lie down and wag your tail

When your cat isn't feeling well, it tends to lie down and wag its tail. If you notice this behavior in addition to other symptoms like not eating or spending more time hiding than usual, it could be that they are not doing well! See a vet if he thinks something is wrong.

10. Wag the tail low

You may have already seen your cat's tail in a low position, but do you know what that means? Cats usually make them small and tuck their tail between their legs when they are afraid. A low fan indicates that your feline friend is afraid of something near or in the room with him.


Cats wag their tails to communicate a variety of emotions, from happiness and excitement to anger or annoyance.Knowing the meaning of the tail.it can help you better understand your cat and give him what he needs to feel safe and happy. Also, understanding the different implications behind a cat's tail wagging can help you identify how cats are feeling on any given day.





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